Dear Extern Mind,

Since Richard Jansema began making beats at age 15 [2008], he never stopped cooking. The hobby quickly became his passion and granted him a means to express and develop his creativity. After X years of making music, Richard figured it was time to work on an album, which became ‘Mellow Morning’.The really chill vibe of the tracks on the album make it perfect on a mellow sunday morning. Watching Youtube video’s of artist like Flying Lotus, Mr. Dibia$e and Madlib made him focus on wanting to perform live and break loose from his Room. This meant focussing on making ‘more energy’ shit, that resultated in the EP ‘Groteque’. In 2015 he used the beats during his first performance, a beatbattle.

After moving to a different town [Groningen] to study, Richard discovered the Techno scene and was very inspired to participate. This meant 2 things: Developing a new sound in a new Genre and, eventually, learning how to DJ. After a lot of producing within the Genre, a lot together with his friend Paul Dekker (Faulty Systems), he finished his first Techno EP, called: ‘Steamships’.

About this time he started to connect with Richard de Bruin (WadAap) and got back at producing Hiphop. Together they formed the group ‘WadAap & De Zelve’ and made their first collaboration called: ‘Kicks, Snares & High Heads’. Making this EP, a lot of stuff they made did not fit the concept of a chill, summer vibed EP. These tracks formed the inspiration for their second, much more Grimey EP, called: ‘De Demoon’. The EP’s formed the cataclyst for 10 live performances, 4 interviews and an item on the local TV station in the year 2018/2019.

On the 27th of july 19 De Zelve performed his first DJ set @ Vogelpop. Let’s see what the future will bring